We Made the Cover of Zymurgy!

We are thrilled to announce that CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery recently took home a coveted gold medal at the 2023 Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am. This prestigious competition pairs professional breweries with amateur homebrewers to create exceptional beers. Our collaboration with talented homebrewer Mark Pennick resulted in a gold medal-winning brew that exceeded expectations and showcased our commitment to innovation and excellence.

In addition to our gold medal triumph, we are incredibly honored to have been featured on the cover of Zymergy, the renowned publication dedicated to the art and science of homebrewing. Being recognized by this esteemed magazine is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team at CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery and our collaboration with Mark. The feature in Zymergy serves as a validation of the outstanding quality and craftsmanship that goes into our brews.

CooperSmith's brewing team standing in front of the CooperSmith's beer storage tank wearing their gold medals.

A Journey of Hard Work and Creativity

Our success in the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am and the recognition from Zymergy is the result of the relentless efforts, creativity, and expertise of our team. From our passionate brewmasters who continually experiment with brewing techniques and Mark, who eagerly set out to experiment with flavors and create an award-winning hop aroma profile, to our dedicated staff who ensures each pint is served with perfection, every individual who touches our beer contributes to our success.

Gratitude to Our Loyal Customers

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our loyal customers who have supported us on this journey. Your unwavering trust and love for our brews have motivated us to push boundaries and strive for greatness. This achievement would not have been possible without your support, and we are honored to celebrate this success and recognition with all of you.

Join us in Raising a Glass to Success and Inspiration

At CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery, we remain committed to brewing exceptional craft beers that captivate the senses and create unforgettable experiences. We invite you to join us in celebrating our recent successes by raising a glass to our gold medal victory and the recognition from Zymergy. Come and enjoy our award-winning brews as we continue to be inspired by the ever-evolving world of craft beer.

Cheers to unforgettable moments, gold medal triumphs, and being featured on the cover of Zymergy. Together, let’s elevate the craft of brewing, one pint at a time.

Click here to read our feature in the latest issue of Zymurgy!