One Brewery, Two Restaurants, One Location


old town

Coopersmith's Pub side Food

The Pub

Sit down and dine at the world-famous CooperSmith's Pub for fine foods and brews

Fine Food & Brew
Coopersmith's Brewery

The Brewery

See what's brewing at the CooperSmith's brewery, an important part of the Old Town Fort Collins culture. With over 147 different beers brewed since 1989, everyone will find something they love.

What's Brewing


old town

Coopersmith's Pool side Food

Pool Side

Jump to Poolside, where friends and families gather to find fine food, fun, and brews

Food, Fun & Brew

An American Brew Pub Since 1989


Fort Collins Restaurants in Old Town

Fort Collins restaurants play a unique role in the city’s culture, especially Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing. For the last two decades, Coopersmith’s has been one of the most popular Fort Collins restaurants, putting Old Town Square on the map as a bustling scene for friends and families.

Beginning as one of the first brewpubs in Northern Colorado, Coopersmith’s quickly transformed into the hub for fun and excitement of Old Town Fort Collins. Since its inception in 1989, Coopersmith’s has outgrown its original location, expanding into some of the neighboring, historic buildings of Old Town.

Coopersmith’s proudly provides an atmosphere that caters to all different types of crowds. Many groups of all ages enjoy a night of billiards at Poolside. Others prefer to have dinner at Pubside. No matter the age, no matter the crowd, the diversity in beers, food, and activities at Coopersmith’s is sure to keep everyone coming back for more! Come on in, and see why Coopersmith’s continues to be a favorite among the many Fort Collins restaurants!