We use Anaheim and Serrano chilies to add some heat to this crisp, golden ale.  It’s not too hot and has a good chili flavor.

Malts: Pale

Hops: Cluster, Tettnang

Yeast: English Ale

O.G. 12.8 Plato   F.G. 1.7 Plato

ABV: 5.1%

Served: pint $6.00

Picture this…the brewpub was a novel concept back in 1990, why not a novel beer?  What else would you call a Polish twist on Blonde ale with a southwest flare.  “Sigda” is an old Peace Corp acquaintance of one of our founders and “Sigda” loved hot peppers.  “Sigda” is Polish American.  So our red-headed brewer meets this Polish American guy in Kenya through the Peace Corps and from that relationship springs this tribute to green chilies and beer brewed in Fort Collins, CO.  And why not design the logo as a Polish crest (the Orzel Bialy, the white eagle with golden beak and talons adorning Poland’s coat of arms) which closely resembles a European beer design?


Plenty of recipe manipulation led to the current version.   Those heady early days lent another lesson: that once Sigda was in a particular beer line, the chile flavor would leech into the line and magically appear in any beer that followed in that draft line.  Hence, Sigda was the first of our beers to gain exclusivity rights amongst our other beers when it came to choosing lines and rotating beers.  By that time it had also developed such a loyal (and vocal) following, that there was much grumbling if Sigda’s was ever not on.

Sigda would be proud to see you in this