CooperSmith’s Pubside has been a pillar of the Fort Collins experience, serving visitors American food in Old Town for more than 31 years. Whether you’re an adventurous eater in search of bold flavors, or just looking for an expert take on old favorites, our menu of burgers, sandwiches and favorites like flame-broiled strip steak or fish tacos is guaranteed to please.

While you’re here, enjoy craft beers and sodas produced in the longest running Old Town brewery. Favorites like Punjabi Pale Ale are served alongside seasonal rotators brewed on site, are favorites among Northern Colorado beer snobs and casual drinkers alike.

Dining Pubside is about more than just our menu. We took care to honor the architectural traditions in our historic building for a comfortable and modern environment. A pair of patios – one on Old Town Square, one on Mountain Avenue – cater to enjoying Colorado sunshine and Fort Collins nightlife, and have been a fixture in the area’s dining experience for years.