Zak Chris Dwight - Meet the Brewers


Chris McCombs – Head Brewer

(Pictured Center) 

Chris has worked in the Craft Brewing industry for over 22 years. Previous brewery gigs include New Belgium Brewing Co., Red Rock Brewing Co. and Kettlehouse Brewing Co. Chris has developed and collaborated on several award-winning brews, judged at the Great American Beer Festival and spoken at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference. When he’s not brewing, he enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar (power chords mostly) and hanging out with his family in beautiful Ft. Collins, CO, USA.


Zach Ball – Brewer

(Pictured Left) 

Originally from Idaho Springs, Colorado. Zach graduated from Clear Creek High School in May 2014. He left to pursue a degree in Fermentation Science and Technology from Colorado State University. Zach began working at Cooper Smith’s Oct 2017 as a line cook. With a foot in the door, Zach received an internship through Cooper Smith’s from January until April, 2018 when he was offered a part-time assistant brewer position. Zach received a bachelor’s in Fermentation Science and a minor in food safety continuing to work in the kitchen and brewery before offered a full-time position as Assistant Brewer August 2018.


Dwight Hall – President, auxiliary brewer

(Pictured Right) 

Dwight grew up in Fort Collins and has raised his family here. He started at CooperSmith’s during construction in 1989. He helped get the kitchen open and then moved into the brewery. Starting out washing kegs and tanks, his skills grew and in 1995 he took over as head brewer. In 2014 Dwight along with managers Sandra Longton and Chris O’mara bought out the founders of the company. He is now president and is primarily focused on running the business but still loves to brew when Chris and Zach will let him.