Edward Powers
Lead Brewer

(Pictured Center) 

Edward leads the CooperSmith’s team of brewers in producing your favorite recipes and developing new ones. Like any good brewer, he balances that workload against a strict regimen of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning (home brewers, you know the struggle.) He’s worked at CooperSmith’s since 2002 after making a much-needed career change to escape a job in a Florida public school district’s payroll department. Brewer dreams really do come true!

A typical head brewer, his hobby and his work overlap a lot, but when he’s not making beer, thinking about beer or drinking beer, he’s soaking up movies and music at home. And probably drinking a beer.

Favorite CooperSmith’s Beer: Changes by the day


Mike Hiatt

(Pictured Right) 

It was almost as if Mike’s entire college experience was setting him up to work at CooperSmith’s. His biology degree from Colorado State University gives him the insight to understand the interactions of yeasts with other ingredients. While learning about science, he worked at Hops & Berries, helping local home brewers develop their own recipes. Since 2012, he has leveraged that background to help develop new beers for Coops – with a special eye for how each ingredient influences the final taste.

When he’s not thinking about the art and science of brewing, Mike’s fond of playing golf, hiking, grilling, gardening and woodworking. He’s also a big fan of Rick and Morty, so don’t bring that up unless you want to have a conversation about interdimensional adventures.

Favorite CooperSmith’s Beer: Whatever’s in his hand


Justin Bruditt
Assistant Brewer/Cellar Operator

(Pictured Left) 

When asked about his life before working at CooperSmith’s in 2012, Justin boils it down to the essentials: “Home brewing and finding my passion for craft beer,” is his succinct description. As far as we’re concerned, that covers all the bases. Now involved in helping create small-batch custom beers and rotating beers through our tanks (and the ongoing battle for sterilization), Justin’s helped develop some of our more intriguing custom brews.

Outside of the brewery, you’ll likely find Justin “researching” craft beer (such dedication!) or enjoying any of Colorado’s popular outdoor activities such as snowboarding, biking and hiking.

Favorite CooperSmith’s Beer: Bourbon Barrel Stout