CooperSmith’s Gives Back to the Community Through Great Plates Fort Collins

Learn more about how our local restaurant is dedicated to the local community.

Here at CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewery, we pride ourselves on being a staple of the great Fort Collins community. We are dedicated to serving our community, not just our craft beer. This year, we continued our involvement with the Great Plates fundraiser in Fort Collins to help raise over $6,300 in just two weeks. These funds, raised through the generous donations of our kind customers, go directly to the Food Bank for Larimer County in their effort to help end hunger within the local community.

We were one of the 48 participating restaurants that helped raise a total of $133,736, a record-breaking amount for Great Plates.

Helping Out, One Family at a Time

Woman holding grandchild.

Through this community partnership, we were able to help out many people facing food insecurity, such as Shirley and her 7-year-old grandson, Jesse. Shirley and her husband are raising their grandson on a fixed income. For the past three years, the food they’ve received from the Fort Collins Fresh Food Share has helped with their grocery expenses. In fact, sometimes it’s enough to feed the whole family.

“I’m always amazed at how many times we can sit down to dinner, and I can say, ‘Everything that we’re eating came from the Food Bank. This whole meal came from the Food Bank,’” she said.

She has had such a positive experience with the Food Bank, thanks to volunteers and donors. “I would say to volunteers and donors, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can’t tell you how much it helps us,” Shirley said.

Shirley and her family would not have been able to get the help they needed if it weren’t for donations from the community, such as CooperSmith’s patrons. It is with events such as Great Plates Fort Collins that we realize how caring and giving the citizens of Northern Colorado are. We are so honored and proud to have such great customers; you all make this community an amazing place to call home.

Looking to support your community? See what makes the CooperSmith’s community great by stopping by one of our two venues, right in the center of Old Town Fort Collins. Learn more about how you can support those experiencing food insecurity through the Food Bank for Larimer County.