The holiday season has arrived which means one thing – CooperSmith’s Jingle Ale! Come celebrate with bagpipers and holiday cheer at CooperSmith’s Annual Jingle Ale Tapping Party on Tuesday, December 4 starting at 5pm.

Specials Include:

  • $3 Scrumpy Cider, Jingle Ale & Barley Wine All Day
  • $15 Jingle Ale 64 oz. Growler
  • $8.50 Jingle Ale 32 oz. Growler
  • $6 Appetizer Specials Start at 5pm (While Supplies Last)
    • Sausage rolls with beer mustard for dipping
    • Korean BBQ street tacos
    • Crab cakes with slaw and remoulade
    • Chicken drumsticks with mashed potatoes and brown gravy
    • Duck, sweet corn and cream cheese wontons with sweet chili sauce

What does CooperSmith’s Jingle Ale taste like? This amber ale has a nice maltiness but the spices are what really contribute its unique character. Clove, mace (nutmeg), cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom and ginger root are added for that delicious holiday flavor.

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The Man Behind Sigda’s Ghost Chili Beer

John Sigda, Sigda's Chili Beer namesake

Sigda’s Ghost Chili Beer is back on tap at Coopersmith’s Pub and Poolside, and lovers of spicy foods are already making room in their schedule to enjoy a pint of one of Fort Collins’ most unique brews.

Living up to the ghost chili promise, Sigda’s packs more heat than your traditional chili beer. There’s more to life (and beer) than pure heat, though, so we age Sigda’s on a blend of Anaheim, jalapeno, Serrano, habanero and ghost peppers, giving it a blend of raw pepper aromatics that perfectly complement the fiery kick this blonde delivers.

Chili beer fanatics may be familiar with the beer, the man that inspired it isn’t as widely known. Before becoming the architect of our menu, Coopersmiths’ brewer, Brad, served in the Peace Corps in Kenya in 1983. While helping locals develop their infrastructure, he worked alongside John Sigda. Sigda grew up in Poland, eating those spice-laden traditional dishes of Central Europe, and continued his quest for mouth-burning eats, exploring African spices.

It wasn’t just Sigda’s love of hot food that inspired Brad to name one of Coopersmith’s craft beers after him, though. Sigda graduated from Harvard and spoke fluent Swahili. His father was a plumber and, despite his ivy-league credentials, never lost the respect for everyday folks.

Sigda’s Ghost Chili beer isn’t for the faint of heart, so it’s OK if you’re not ready to fire up your taste buds with a pint. Coopersmith’s in Old Town Fort Collins has a craft beer to suit virtually every taste. Summer favorites like Fairway Session IPA and What-A-Melon are on tap, while year-round staples like Punjabi Pale Ale and Horsetooth Stout are ready to meet your hoppy or malty preferences. Looking for something more refined? We have a Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (aged in barrels from Four Roses Distillery) and Cask Conditioned Punjabi Pale Ale on tap.

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Save the Date!

Who says that summer has to be busy season? The team at CooperSmith’s is busy getting ready for some of our favorite annual events! It’s time to save the date:

It’s time to save the date for:

CooperSmith’s Anniversary Week
November 7th-11th

Happy Anniversary to us! November 7th – 11th, help us celebrate our 27th anniversary! To commemorate 27 exciting years full of delicious food and beer, we’re offering dinner and drink specials all week. *Additional details to come.

Jingle Ale Tapping Party
December 6th

It’s not officially the holiday season until you’ve had a CooperSmith’s Jingle Ale! Join us Tuesday, December 6th for the tapping of this year’s batch of Jingle Ale! This amber ale has a nice maltiness but the spices are what really contribute its unique character. Clove, mace (nutmeg), cinnamon, orange peel, cardimon, and ginger root are added for that delicious holiday flavor. As usual, we’ll have specials and feature bagpipers! Stay tuned for more details. 

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Ze Bock

Ze Bock

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35.5% ABV | $9000.00
1995 | 13 IBUs

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Wayfarer Cooper Ale

Wayfarer Cooper Ale

This easy going ale has a tangerine like hop aroma. The flavor starts with a little Crystal malt sweetness and finishes with the Ahtanum hops.

5.1% ABV
28 IBUs

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