We use a blend of Gala, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Jonathan apple juice to make this seasonal favorite. A tart green apple aroma and flavor dominate this straw-colored brew. Gluten free.

Brewed with: fresh pressed apple juice, brewing sugar, ale yeast.

Brewed with fresh apple juice from Talbot Farms in Palisade, Colorado.  Fourth, fifth, and even sixth generations operate Talbot on the Western Slope.  We induce  fermentation, bringing the term “hard” to the “cider” dance.

The term “Scrumpy” is often referred to strong ciders made in West Country of England. Scrumpy likewise denotes local, small batch brewing of ciders as opposed to the mass produced alternative which is consistent with CooperSmith’s hand-crafted philosophy and culture.

“Scrimp” is a term of absolute slang, meaning small or withered apple.  “Scrimp” gave way to “scrump,” which refers to stealing fruit.  “Scrumpy” can be applied to small, homemade ciders as well as those produced and distributed commercially.

Scrumpy can be dry or sweet, often cloudy in appearance, and is usually still rather than carbonated.  Due to the amount of fermentable sugars available for conversion by the yeast into alcohol, Scrumpy is high in ABV (Alcohol By Volume).  To quote the Urban Dictionary:” It is suprisingly refreshing and can be consumed in vast quantities; providing the drinker does not want to use his legs for the next five hours.

Served 10oz. goblet $6.00

ABV: 7.0%