We use a generous amount of roasted malts to create the rich flavor, while the use of oats in the mash gives a creamy mouth-feel and full body. Lactose is added to increase sweetness and body. This beer is nitrogenated instead of carbonated further enhancing the creamy texture.

Malts: Pale, Crystal, Wheat, Brown, Chocolate, Roast Barley, Black, Flaked Barley

Hops: Cluster, Glacier

Yeast: English ale

Adjuncts: Lactose

O.G. 16.0 Plato  F.G. 3.3 Plato

Served: pint $6.50

In keeping with our desire to connect with all things local, few geographical landmarks jump out on our horizon more than Horsetooth Rock, situated on the west flank of the reservoir that bears its name.  So named for the resemblance to a horse’s bottom teeth, the area is reverenced by locals for all things outdoorsy: hiking, climbing, mountain biking, boating, submarine races.  For many years the town (hamlet or berg is more suitable) clung to the south end of the reservoir.  A sign somewhat whimsically proclaimed the area as “Stout, population 47-1/2”.  In recent years, a small community has developed around the south edge of the reservoir, locally known as “South Horsetooth” or “Horsetooth Heights.  Some of the former town site is located under the southern end of the reservoir.  The construction of the reservoir in 1949 inundated the community of Stout and a few foundations, including that of the old school house, are submerged.