Classic Blonde Ale originating from Cologne, Germany, this beer has a light body, subtle malt sweetness, very slight hop bitterness & noble hop aromas.

Malts: Pale

Hops: Tettnang, Saaz

Yeast: German lager (fermented at ale temperatures)

O.G. 11.6 Plato  F.G. 1.4 Plato

Served: lager glass $6.00

The Columbine is Colorado’s state flower, and the petals resemble an eagle’s spurs.  Our intent back in the early days was to connect to local history and tradition, and this beer has a light, crisp, clear feel, similar to the blue flowers that splash the countryside. 

Freya, the Norse patron goddess of love and fertility, is whom the Columbine is dedicated to.  In medieval times the flower has been linked to sexuality, seduction, love, and infidelity.  In the 17th century it was exceptionally inappropriate to offer a lady a batch of Columbines due to its sexual connotations.

We have evolved, fortunately, and we recall no instances of backlash when a growler of Columbine Kolsch is offered up as a gift these days.  In fact, it is highly inappropriate NOT to offer CooperSmith’s beers.

As a public service to locals and visitors, we offer the following refresher course:

State Animal – Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

State Fossil – Stegosaurus.

State Reptile – Western Painted Turtle.

State Bird – Lark Bunting

State Fish – Cutthroat Trout

State Tree – Colorado Blue Spruce

State Insect – Hairstreak Butterfly

State Dance – Square Dance

State Motto – “Nil sine Numine” – Nothing Without Providence

State Song – “Where the Columbines Grow”

State Gemstone – Aquamarine

State Grass – Blue Gamma Grass