Fort Collins Brew School

Enroll Now in CooperSmith’s Brew School!

  • Drink Beer
  • Learn Beer
  • Win Prizes!

CooperSmith’s wants to school you in the art of drinking beer with our very own Brew School! It’s as easy as… drinking beer!


  1. Enjoy a different imperial pint of beer each time you visit to earn your first degree in Brew School
  2. Get 25 spaces punched off your Brew School card to receive your prize and move on toward the next degree
  3. Compete each colored card and cash it in for your prize!


  • Diploma: CooperSmith’s T-Shirt
  • BA: Set of 4 Brew School Imperial Pints
  • MA: Dinner for two at Coops + a Comp card for $50
  • PHD: Embroidered Brew School work shirt

How to get started:

Head over to CooperSmith’s Poolside or Pubside and ask your server for your first Brew School card (Diploma) and try one of CooperSmith’s imperial pints!